Your Health Matters

The mission of Arogya is to help people thrive their maximum wellbeing through by correcting underlying health imbalances through nature’s healing power. I offer holistic approach to help with digestive health, weight loss, adrenal support, women and children’s health, stress management, nutritional and dietary advise. Arogya health clinic is established by Nirangi Senarath, a qualified Naturopath and a Nutritionist. Arogya is established to increase the options available for people to use alternative therapies and educate and promote healthy life style using natural healing methods. Arogya will offer  a complete naturopathic approach to healing by means of treating  the whole body and identify the underlying causes of issues rather than treating the symptoms. This will include, herbal remedies, acute homeopathy and first aid remedies, nutritional advise and supplements, mineral therapies, bush flower and Bach flower remedies. I have a strong focus on empowering my clients with knowledge and education whereby  they become fully engaged in their healing process.